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Update – 8 days in

This week we are busy reading through the submissions we’re received to date. There are quite a few already, and we’re pleased to be able to start filling out our list of contributors. The quality of stories so far has been fabulous, and we’re really enjoying reading them.

While we are still confirming our print publishing options, we have our e-book bases covered. Random Static will be publishing the e-version, at no profit to them, which will ensure as much as possible goes direct to Canterbury. We are hoping to have pre-orders open soon so that we can start getting that money down South, where it’s much needed.

Also, we’d like to say a big thank you to Emily from Designem. She has come on board to help with the cover, which will be in similar style to the lovely header we have for this site, and our Facebook image—also designed by her. 

Things are progressing really well, and we can’t wait to bring this anthology out into the world.

RadioNZ interview

The interview went reasonably well today. I was very nervous, but it was great to be given the chance to talk about the anthology. It all happened so quickly! If there is a next time, at least now I’ll know what to expect 🙂

If you missed it on air, you can listen to it here.

In other news, we have started reading through submissions and there are some really fantastic stories in the mix. We’re so excited about putting this anthology together and just know it’s going to be great reading.

– Cassie Hart

Interview update and facebook

Sorry to anyone who was listening this afternoon and wondered where I’d got to! They called halfway through the alloted time to apologise, as they’d had to shuffle around the afternoons schedule but that’s okay 🙂 It should go ahead tomorrow morning.

I will let you know what time, after I get the phone call.

In other news, our Facebook page is now up. It’s a little bare while we wait for an image to be made, but I’ll be posting some updates there. It would be great if you could *like* us  🙂



It’s been a few days now since we started this whole thing off, and the response has been overwhelming. We’ve had emails from writers all over the world wanting to submit stories to the anthology, or offer help in other ways.

So first up I want to say THANK YOU!! It really has been amazing, and humbling, and just plain wonderful to be part of this. We couldn’t put this together without you all, and while there is a lot of work ahead, we’re confident this is going to be great.

At the moment we have over twenty authors who have confirmed that they are submitting. Stories have begun to trickle in – some people are writing brand new stories for this project, and others are offering us reprints that fit our requirements.

The very first day, after I had Anna on board, I emailed an amazing author to ask if he would considering letting us reprint one of his stories for the anthology. I am really excited, thrilled, and pleased to announce that Neil Gaiman has said yes! We’ve got a beautiful piece lined up for the anthology, which is very fitting for the occasion. I was blown away by his generosity, and the speed with which he replied. So thank you, Neil Gaiman.

We have many other wonderful writers on board, and we’re looking forward to making further announcements and filling out the contributors list in the near future.

On that note, I’d once again like to say thank you for all the submissions, but we’ve reached a point where we unfortunately need to close off unsolicited submissions. Whilst we would love to read stories and accept submissions from new writers, we have a very short time-frame in which to pull this together. If we have contacted you, or someone else has contacted you on our behalf, then please do still get in touch, but we really need to focus on those who have been asked to submit for now. Otherwise thank you so much for your interest, good luck with your writing, and if you would like to help us out there are some suggestions in the FAQs.

-Cassie Hart