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Welcome to May

We had hoped to have the e-book version live by now, but it won’t be too much longer. We just have one section left to be proofread now – it’s so close! Thank you all for your patience with this. It was a huge task to undertake, but we’ll be there soon.

We only have a few more introductions to go, so without further ado:

Brenda Cooper is a Seattle-area futurist and writer, and also the CIO for the City of Kirkland. Brenda writes a monthly column for Futurismic called Today’s Tomorrows, and is the author of the Endeavor award winner for 2008: The Silver Ship and the Sea, and of the sequels, Reading the Wind and Wings of Creation. She co-authored Building Harlequin’s Moon with Larry Niven. Her next book is Mayan December, coming from Prime Books in August 2011. See her website at http://www.brenda-cooper.com.

Brenda wrote the story, “Phoenix Dogs,” during the response to the Haiti earthquake, and is pleased to see it included in an anthology dedicated to helping Christchurch.

Cat Connor left her native Christchurch when very young and now lives in Wellington. This blue eyed, brunette mother of 7 and nurse maid to Missy the cat and a rabbit called Milly, has found the time to author 11 novels. Her latest being The Byte series featuring FBI agent Ellie Conway and published by Rebel e Publishing, South Africa. Her short stories have appeared in many magazines and ezines in the USA and the UK. If you were to ask Cats family and friends about how they feel about her taking on the writing industry they will tell you that they are not surprised. She has an attitude that is never neutral and that means never being satisfied with just one accomplishment.

Cat is a member of Backspace.org, International Thriller Writers, Inc, Masters of Horror, and Kiwi Writers.org. She is active on Twitter and Facebook and blogs frequently at http://catconnor.blogspot.com

Anna Caro lives and writes in Wellington, NZ. Her short fiction has been published in M-Brane SF, Full of Crow, Antipodean SF and Khimairal Ink and she is the co-editor of A Foreign Country: New Zealand Speculative Fiction. Her blog is at http://blog.annacaro.org

I’ll put the last ones up in the next few days, and then we’ll hopefully be able to give you some more information about release dates. Take care and thanks again for all your support 🙂