Can you tell me about the Canterbury Earthquake?
On 22nd February, Christchurch, New Zealand, and the wider Canterbury region, was rocked by another round of serious earthquakes. This time they struck during the middle of the day causing more devastation, and loss of life, to a city still trying to pick up the pieces from last September’s quakes. More information is available at the wikipedia article.

Which authors have stories in Tales for Canterbury?
We have put together an excellent line up of stories from writers throughout New Zealand and internationally. You can check out the list here.

I’d like to contribute a story – what do I do?
We have all the stories we need, thanks to the generous donations of our contributors. We appreciate all the interest and support we’ve received. 

How else can I help?
The most obvious things are to purchase a copy (or two!) and spread the word to your networks.
Aside from that, though, the most pressing need is financial contributions direct to the earthquake appeals. We recommend donating to Red Cross or Women’s Refuge.

Who are the editors?
J.C. Hart is a full time mother and part time writer living in New Plymouth. She has been published in A Foreign Country: New Zealand Speculative Fiction, and the Masters of Horror Anthology and is the vice-president of kiwiwriters.org, and a founding/core member of SpecFicNZ.

Anna Caro lives and writes in Wellington. Her short fiction has been published in M-Brane SF, Full of Crow, Antipodean SF and Khimairal Ink. She is the co-editor of A Foreign Country: New Zealand Speculative Fiction.

What format will Tales for Canterbury be available in?
We will be releasing as an ebook, in at least pdf, mobi and epub format. We also have a print version. Both are now available for pre-order.

When will the release date be?
Subject to confirmation, but we’re aiming for late April for the digital version, and early May for the print.

You say all proceeds go to the appeal. How much does that actually mean?
Whilst there will be some necessary overheads (such as credit card transaction fees) we are working to keep these to an absolute minimum. No-one is being paid for their writing or time. We believe in being financially transparent and will update with further information once we have worked out the details.

How does the thermometer work?
The thermometer is a rough estimate of the funds raised through pre-orders. It has to be updated manually, which Anna will do as she gets the opportunity. We will raise the target amount when the current one is close to being met.

I’ve supported the earthquake appeal, but I’d like to support the writers as well. Is there anything I can do?
We’re glad you asked! Contributing writers have donated their work free of charge, and whilst the earthquake appeal is our priority, if you enjoy the work you read in the anthology, please check out their website and leave a comment, point friends in their direction or buy a copy of some of their other work.

3 responses to “FAQ

  1. Is the book in an accessible ebook format for use by the blind? If so I shall spread the word amongst my colleagues. You have my pre-order already by the way.

    • I actually brought up accessible ebook formats on a forum recently, and the advice I received there was to ensure it is DRM free so people can convert it to whatever works best for them – which we are doing anyway. If there are other things we should be doing, please let me know. And thank you for your order 🙂

  2. Hi Anna,
    DRM free is a great point – as long as the epub is structured well it should be convertible to whatever format is required (I have been warned that there are a few caveats). Have you considered Daisy? http://www.daisy.org/

    I’ll get the word out though.


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