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The end result

Final figures are now in!

– We sold 97 ebooks and 285 paperbacks
– After legal deposit, 11 paperbacks remained unsold. We donated one to the Red Cross and ten to the Christchurch Writers’s Fesitval
– We raised a total of $4,132.00 for the Red Cross Earthquake Appeal

With the cheque en route to the Red Cross, this project is now at an end. Thank you for coming on this journey with us; we’ve learned and experienced a lot, and are grateful to all who donated their work, bought copies, promoted the anthology, and provided support and encouragement along the way.

The New Zealand Red Cross is offering a number of grants to Cantabrians, including help for heating damaged houses, relocating and storing belongings, and for costs associated with injury and disability, so we have no doubt that this donation will be put to good use.

Once again, thank you for being part of this.

Cassie Hart & Anna Caro

Sales now closed

Sales of Tales for Canterbury are now closed. We’re in the process of totalling up the final amount raised, but our guestimate-meter points to over $4000 being raised for the New Zealand Red Cross earthquake appeal.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped us along the way – writers who donated their work, our cover artist, those who volunteered to proofread, our designer, everyone who spread the word, and of course everyone who bought a copy. We’ll update with the final numbers once we have them.


Drawing to a Close

Tales for Canterbury is onto its final week of sales. At the end of the month, we’ll be totaling up the money raised and passing it on to the Red Cross, with thanks to all of you who have helped along the way.

We have just a small number of books remaining, so if you haven’t a copy, or want another, this is your final chance to order.

Something else exciting happened this month – Tales for Canterbury won the Sir Julius Vogel award for Best Collected Work. Cassie blogged in more detail, complete with picture, here. This was an honour to receive for what was very much a team effort. Huge thanks to all of you who helped us along the way.


Two weeks left!


We know we’ve been pretty silent lately, and apologies for that. However sales have been ticking along and we’re close to the point where we should have a final figure soon.

Which is part of the point of this post. There are only just over two weeks (that’s til the end of the year) to buy the ebook version of Tales for Canterbury.

We can sell the paperback for a little longer, but only the current print run. We’d definitely love to sell that out though, so once again, here’s where to buy them from. We do offer gift wrapping, so last minute present buying? We’ve got it covered.

Thank you for all your support over the past months – you’re fantastic, you really are – and do pass this blog post along if you can.

Paperback Update

We’re very pleased to say that the paperbacks are now printed – and they look very shiny indeed.

It will be a few days before they’re all sent out, but not long now.

And paperbacks will also be on sale at Context next weekend – so if you’re around, go ahead and get one – or more!

Ebook Release!

We’re very pleased to announce the release of the ebook version of Tales for Canterbury! Yep, 34 excellent stories all waiting to be read.

If you pre-ordered, follow the link in the original email to your detailed invoice, where you can download your copy. If you haven’t ordered go ahead and do so now.

Thanks everyone, you’ve been amazing. And we’ll update on the paperback soon.

We Need You!

As we get closer to release date, some of you have been asking if there’s anything you can do to help. So we’ve put together a few ideas:

1) Spread the word! Face to face, twitter, carrier pigeon – whatever works for you. We’ve even made a handy button for your blog or website – just copy and paste the html in the box below:

Tales for Canterbury blog button

<a href=";cPath=1_10&amp;products_id=51"><img src="" alt="Tales for Canterbury Blog button" /></a>

2) Interview us. We know many of you have your own blogs, and we’d love it if you can help us get the word out through them. Rather than a traditional blog tour, our preference is if you could send us a few (five or so) questions to which we’ll email you some responses. They can be on Tales for Canterbury, our own writing, or anything else you think your readers may be interested in. Please note that we’re unlikely to start answering these until TfC is at the printers, and will probably spread them out over a few weeks.
If you’re keen, email marketing AT randomstatic DOT net, remembering to state which of us you’d like to interview, including your questions and a link to your blog. And if there’s something a bit different you’d rather do please let us know – we’re not wedded to one particular format.

3) Display our poster. If you work – or even live – somewhere that gets a lot of foot traffic you can download and print this pdf.

Table of Contents – Future

  1. Shore Leave by Matt Cowens
  2. Disoriented by Kate Mahony
  3. The Delightful Maiden by Debbie Cowens
  4. Desperately Seeking Darcy by RJ Astruc
  5. Navigations by Anna Caro
  6. The Proposition by Leigh K. Hunt
  7. The Bear and the Sea by Jesse Bullington
  8. Greensleeves by Jeff Vandermeer
  9. Looking for Daddy by Patty Jansen
  10. The Voyage Out by Gwyneth Jones
  11. The Bus to Nostalgia by Ripley Patton

Table of Contents – Hope

  1. Sign of the Tui by Tim Jones
  2. The Seventh Letter by Sean Williams
  3. The Unicorn Bell by Karen Healey
  4. The Fountain by Helen Lowe
  5. Pipsqueak by Angel Leigh McCoy
  6. All I Wanted was You by Cat Connor
  7. Eggs for Dinner by Jay Lake
  8. The Daughter of the Khan by Mary Victoria
  9. Ring of Fire by Kim Koning
  10. The Magician by Janis Freegard
  11. Monarch by Linda Niccol
  12. Shapeshifter by Tina Makereti
  13. Juggling Silver by Juliet Marillier

We’ve effectively finished editing – just clearing up one or two small things – and the layup’s well underway. We’ll be getting proofs out to proofreaders and authors shortly – at the moment we’re looking at a late April release for the ebook and early May for the paperback – a little later than we hoped, but these things are never entirely predictable. And we’d just like to remind you that whilst many of the stories are science fiction and fantasy, there are several other genres represented, something for everyone!

Table of Contents – Survival

  1. Broadwing by Simon Petrie
  2. Inventing Aladdin by Neil Gaiman
  3. Extract by Lynne Jamneck
  4. The Last Brother  by Merrilee Faber
  5. Phoenix Dogs by Brenda Cooper
  6. Almost Perfect by Cassie Hart
  7. Second Sight by A.M. Harte
  8. The Straw Garden by Phillipa Ballentine
  9. When Her Wings by Grant Stone
  10. My Dad, The Tuatara by AJ Fitzwater


Still technically subject to change, but we expect this to be the final shape of the first section. Today we finished editing our last lot of stories – we’re just waiting on approvals from a few authors and then it’s layup, proofing and release!