Table of Contents – Hope

  1. Sign of the Tui by Tim Jones
  2. The Seventh Letter by Sean Williams
  3. The Unicorn Bell by Karen Healey
  4. The Fountain by Helen Lowe
  5. Pipsqueak by Angel Leigh McCoy
  6. All I Wanted was You by Cat Connor
  7. Eggs for Dinner by Jay Lake
  8. The Daughter of the Khan by Mary Victoria
  9. Ring of Fire by Kim Koning
  10. The Magician by Janis Freegard
  11. Monarch by Linda Niccol
  12. Shapeshifter by Tina Makereti
  13. Juggling Silver by Juliet Marillier

We’ve effectively finished editing – just clearing up one or two small things – and the layup’s well underway. We’ll be getting proofs out to proofreaders and authors shortly – at the moment we’re looking at a late April release for the ebook and early May for the paperback – a little later than we hoped, but these things are never entirely predictable. And we’d just like to remind you that whilst many of the stories are science fiction and fantasy, there are several other genres represented, something for everyone!

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