Table of Contents – Survival

  1. Broadwing by Simon Petrie
  2. Inventing Aladdin by Neil Gaiman
  3. Extract by Lynne Jamneck
  4. The Last Brother  by Merrilee Faber
  5. Phoenix Dogs by Brenda Cooper
  6. Almost Perfect by Cassie Hart
  7. Second Sight by A.M. Harte
  8. The Straw Garden by Phillipa Ballentine
  9. When Her Wings by Grant Stone
  10. My Dad, The Tuatara by AJ Fitzwater


Still technically subject to change, but we expect this to be the final shape of the first section. Today we finished editing our last lot of stories – we’re just waiting on approvals from a few authors and then it’s layup, proofing and release!

2 responses to “Table of Contents – Survival

  1. Any definitive ETA for publishing? I had this book lined up for a couple of birthday’s later this month. Will I need to give them an IOU note?


    • Not definite sorry, but by current estimates early May is looking more likely. We can giftwrap them and send to the recipients directly which may save some time for you. We’ve been putting this together in a fraction of the time it’d normally take, which does lead to a bit more uncertainty about dates – but with all the stories edited we should be getting it to the printers very soon.

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